Solar Inverter

Solar inverter also know as solar power inverter or solar energy inverter and this the heart of solar power. It is an equipment that converts solar panel’s DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) power. This intelligent solar inverter also matches the required frequency, volt etc with electrical grid to run our load to be used at household and commercial premises.

Types of Solar Inverter

The main roll of all types of solar inverters is to run the connected load on first priority. In the second priority, inverter exports the balance electricity in to battery or Govt. grid. Type of inverter we choose as per situation, grid availability, power cut and load calculation.

Accordingly, solar inverters are classified into three major types:

  • On grid solar inverter
  • Off grid solar inverter
  • Hybrid solar inverter

Top Solar Panel Brands

When you plan to go for solar panel installation, go for reputed solar brands only. Because its an investment for approximate 25 years as all solar panel comes with 25 years warranty. So choose only best one, who can give 25 years on site services.

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