Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Solar panels are also known as photo-voltaic solar module, solar plate, solar PV module and solar power panel etc. Solar panels are made up with a bunch of 60-72 solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar cells are made from an element called “silicon“. To manufacture the solar cells, fragments of silicon or silicon crystals are melted together in a mold and cut in to wafers.

If we install two or more solar panel together and connect them with solar inverter, solar battery than it become a solar power system that can be used in houses, companies, schools, industries etc. Solar panel is the main part of solar system and all types of solar system contains same type of solar panel.

Solar Panel Application

Solar panel basically generate the DC electricity and this electricity can be use to power different type of applications like solar lights, solar systems, solar pump and air conditioners etc.

Top Solar Panel Brands

When you plan to go for solar panel installation, go for reputed solar brands only. Because its an investment for approximate 25 years as all solar panel comes with 25 years warranty. So choose only best one, who can give 25 years on site services.

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